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Product description: Phone No. +923335671497: 3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course , Pakistan, Price In Karachi, ref(f4112) Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad

3335671497 3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course
Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi

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3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course , Pakistan

Call On: 3335671497 3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course for 3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course ,
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3335671497 CCTV Trouble Shooting course in Jhang MAINTENANCE/TROUBLESHOOT GUIDE FOR CCTV CCTV A television system which signals are not publically distributed. Cameras are connected to a monitor limited area. Our purpose is monitor interstate traffic for vehicle accidents, disabled vehicles, abandoned vehicles and road debris. They function with Pan, Tilt and Zoom capability. WORK ORDERS As Operators perform daily device checks, issues entered MOMS. Field Technicians retrieve the time stamped work orders required acknowledge within one (1) hour. The repair be completed within Forty eight (48) hours per TransCore contract FDOT. TROUBLESHOOT Blue Screen on video wall  Contact IT Network Administrator (Multicast issue)  Re-seat both (Zone) fiber jumpers at Big Iron switch, clear Multicast issue Black Screen  Reset camera via UPS reboot from TMC office.  Check encoder green power lights.  voltage surge suppressor. If none, check fuse in camera transformer. Replace if needed.  all coax cable connections cabinet, including suppression.  Try bypassing Disconnect suppressor, and direct connect encoder. Camera PTZ - failed  & Encoder (4) data conductor contacts between surge suppressor, encoder, Reseat conductors. Camera video- out of focus  Make sure auto focus still Sunguide Scrambled or Pixelated Streaming- Video seems digitized.  office. Camera Delay Response- When accessing camera, it responding to commands an allotted frame.  unresponsive- Moving its own commands.  conductors. Camera movement- Camera moving properly, slight jerking/jumpy movement.  Tighten belts. Condensation Camera- fogging.  Verify defogger Sunguide dome crack / nitrogen level FOR REGISTRATION Us: 0331-5999937, 0333-5671497

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