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Hotel Management Course in Sialkot 3315999937, Pakistan

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Hotel Management Course in Sialkot 3315999937 Hotel & Hospitality Course Course Contents of Management: 1. INTRODUCTION TO HOTEL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Designed to build an understanding the hospitality industry by examining management skills needed succeed industry. The student will also gain insight development through popular trade magazines, guest speakers. 2.SANITATION Provides foodservice personnel with basic sanitation principles; personal hygiene; sanitizing eating and drinking utensils; food bacteriology; emergency pathogens; prevention illnesses; HACCP, accident prevention; employee training; sanitary safe operation. safety customer, legalities employer, lawsuits violations state liquor code; how alcohol affects body; law your responsibility; reasonable care; establishing policies procedures; checking age identification. 3.FOOD SERVE SAFE CERTIFICATION Provides operation.Safety designing responsible program; identification. 4.PRACTICUM I Designed provide supervised on-the-job training, exposure organizational, management, internal workings, services offered approved organization. 5.FOOD AND BEVERAGE move various steps involved service. Food production issues are studied from a managerial point view. Standards beverage service focal area course.This course is designed necessary operate successful profitable operation. 6.FACILITIES ENGINEERING Introduces students facilities engineering why managers need be aware principles tools enable them make decisions regarding operations their facility. 7.PRACTICUM II Designed workings agency. 8.HOSPITALITY OPERATION MANAGEMENT The class covers study broad-based hotel motel reviewing development, pre-opening, marketing, departmental operations, organizational structure. Includes work staffing, improvement techniques, motivating, organizing, planning, scheduling. 9.RESORT CLUB MANAGEMENT Introduces these exciting dynamic segments many challenges operations. Students explore career choices available after visits properties behind-the-scenes look at they run. 10.HOSPITALITY COSTING, PRICING, FINANCIAL developing financially hotel, restaurant, resort, spa or other business. This presents methods for accurately pricing goods services, controlling costs, maximizing profits. Hotels, restaurants, resorts view keep costs low margins high. Budgeting financing standards set course.

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